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WordWright Challenge* Contest Mechanics

The WordWright Challenge* is conducted with 2 divisions. The Blue Division is for 9th and 10th graders. The Gold Division is for 11th and 12th graders.

Separate statistics are kept for each grade level, so even though your 9th and 10th graders take the same Blue Division test, they compete separately, compared only with other students of the same grade level. The same is true for 11th and 12th graders competing in the Gold Division. For students of any grade level, the materials will be challenging. The Gold Division tests are particularly suitable for students preparing for Advanced Placement exams.

Within each Division there are four meets per year, all held at your school. They are scheduled in October, December, February, and April. All of your students may participate, but only the scores of your top 10 students at each grade level officially count. The sum of these top 10 scores is your team score.

After each meet, you report your top 10 students' names and scores to us. We tabulate the results coming in from schools all across the country and then send back to you a report revealing the median team score for each grade level, along with other statistics that will help you assess your own students' performance and set realistic goals for them for future meets.

In our report about the meet, we include a list of the highest scoring school teams and the highest scoring individual students nationwide. Then we send press releases to schools at which either an entire team or an individual student has excelled. After all 4 meets, we publish cumulative statistics and recognize about 25 of the most outstanding high schools and about 100 individual student winners.

For each team you have enrolled we also provide 1 medal and 10 certificates to be awarded at the end of the year to the winners of the contest within your school.

Contact us for more information and enrollment forms. The deadline for enrolling in the 2019-2020 WordWright Challenge* is September 27, 2019.
*formerly known as The WordMasters Challenge.