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Why Participate in the WordWright Challenge*?

Why participate in the WordWright Challenge*? Teaching students to read sensitively and insightfully is probably the most important job of an English teacher.

It's no accident that the Common Core standards emphasize close reading and analysis of many different genres and styles of writing or that the verbal SAT I, the Sat II in English Literature, and the Advanced Placement exams in both English Language and English Literature all require students to answer detailed questions about short texts.  Attentive reading and sensitivity to language are among the most important skills students acquire in school.

Of course, students usually regard their SAT and Advanced Placement exam experiences as painful and frustrating.  They never find out which questions they answered right, which wrong, and they never have the benefit of a class discussion of all that was complex or confusing---or possibly even delightful---about the selected passages.

The WordWright Challenge* is different.  Because this is a classroom activity, not a college-entrance exam, it's a real learning experience, not just a high hurdle.

Several days before each WordWright Challenge* students are given a list of all the potentially difficult vocabulary words and literary terms that they will encounter in the text and the multiple-choice questions.  After completing a challenge, classes are encouraged to talk about the texts and the questions. We also suggest additional topics for open-ended discussion and written response.

Contact us for more information and enrollment forms. The deadline for enrolling in the 2019-2020 WordWright Challenge* is September 27, 2019.
*formerly known as The WordMasters Challenge.